We're not normally big on all the technical stuff, but our lawyer told us we should probably put this here.

By using services and products supplied by Get Served, my company or I,

  • Understand that an initial deposit and hosting fees must be paid before any work will begin.
  • Agree that Get Served will not be held liable if the whole, or any portion of my website solution or hosting causes any damages, to the extent of applicable law in Victoria, Australia.
  • Agree to pay Get Served for any work conducted, at my request, which is beyond the scope of the original estimation, as per the billing policy.
  • Agree that additional work must be approved by me/the company, through an estimation and further signed agreement, prior to Get Served undertaking the work.
  • Agree that while Get Served will do its best to meet all reasonable deadlines, penalties will not be paid if Get Served fails to meet any deadline set by me, my company or through the mutual agreement of both parties.

Terms of Service:

At Get Served, we believe in speaking to you in plain English. So you wonʼt find any jargon or wordy sentences here. This is our Terms of Service. Plain and simple.

In a nutshell:

Here at Get Served, we donʼt really give a damn what you do with your account, providing you act within a few general rules and guidelines outlined in this document. Think of our policy documents as your bible to our services. Basically, we donʼt want you doing anything which could involve you, or us getting sued, or involved in a criminal investigation, and if you do something which could land us in that position, weʼll have no troubles deleting your account immediately.

The Doʼs:

  • Let us know if you think your security has been breached, not only does this enable us to help you, but we can also stop worms, bugs, and sneaky hackers from getting into our whole server if you give us a heads up.
  • Contact us if you think some content you want to put up is inappropriate, we can confirm for you pretty quickly.
  • Get in touch with us if youʼre not sure if the way youʼre using your hosting is appropriate. For example, we donʼt like you using your web space to give people access to large files, as this is very server intensive... but at the same time, if you're selling a large ebook file, weʼre not going to stop you from doing that.
  • As a golden rule, if you arenʼt sure, check with us first!

The Donʼtʼs:

  • Do not store or host Pornographic material on our server.
  • Do not store illegal files, including but not limited to pirated movies, pirated songs, and copyrighted material.
  • Do not store bittorrent files which enable people to download files illegally.
  • Do not store large files without checking with our team first.
  • Any breach of “The Donʼtʼs” will result in your account being canceled immediately.

Get Served reserves the right to suspend or terminate any hosting account at their discretion.

All works (projects) provided by Get Served remain the property of Get Served. If any works (projects) are used without the permission of Get Served, a cease and desist may be issued.

Limited Support Policy:

At Get Served, we believe in speaking to you in plain English. So you wonʼt find any jargon or wordy sentences here. This is our Limited Support Policy. Plain and simple.

What our Support covers:

  • Get Servedʼs limited support policy provides free support for server and website issues when the data centre, or our company is at fault.
  • When the client, or someone acting on behalf of the client is at fault for problems, Get Served will charge the client at $75.00 AUD per hour of support.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to make regular backups of their hosting. Most issues requiring support can be repaired by reverting to a previous backup.
  • If a recent backup can solve a problem (caused by either party), all fees for support will be waived.
  • If no recent backup is available, Get Served Web Hosting again reserves the right to charge for support.
  • In all cases, Get Served will be the sole decider as to who is at fault for issues requiring support, and reserves the right to suspend accounts when clients fail to pay for support services rendered.

It's that simple.

Billing Policy:

At Get Served, we believe in speaking to you in plain English. So you wonʼt find any jargon or wordy sentences here. This is our Billing Policy. Plain and simple.

Fees & Charges:

  • Work(s) provided by Get Served is charged at a rate of $75.00AUD/hour, billed in 15 min increments.
  • For work(s) over $350.00AUD, a 50% upfront deposit is required before any work will commence.
  • We reserve the right to change our billing policy and pricing structure at any time.
  • All deposits for work(s) carried out by Get Served are non-refundable.
  • Any stock images, software or resources purchased for use within, or during the production of work(s) will be charged to the client, unless agreed upon in writing.

Overdue Accounts:
  • All overdue hosting accounts and domain fees will result in account suspension.
  • Hosting accounts overdue for more than 2 weeks will be terminated.
  • Suspended accounts will incur a reactivation fee of $25.00 AUD.
  • All accounts overdue for 30 days or more will incur a late payment fee of $25.00 AUD.
  • Unresolved debts of over 180 days may result in legal action.

Payment Methods & Chargebacks:
  • Payments are accepted in AUD$ only.
  • Payments can be made via Cash, Credit Card, PayPal or Cheque. Simply contact us for payment details.
  • If a chargeback is submitted against a credit card used to purchase service, the account(s) in question will be suspended immediately. The suspended account will only be reactivated once all disputed/refunded fees are resolved satisfactorily, and we receive payment for any and all administrative fees incurred by Get Served resulting from your dispute or charge-back request.
  • If a chargeback is submitted against a credit card used to pay for IT Consulting, Graphics Design services or Web Design services that are not hosted on our servers, legal action may be taken to resolve disputed fees. The disputing client will be responsible for all administrative fees incurred by Get Served resulting from the dispute or charge-back request.

Cancellation Policy:

At Get Served, we believe in speaking to you in plain English. So you wonʼt find any jargon or wordy sentences here. This is our Cancellation Policy. Plain and simple.

  • Get Served doesnʼt believe in locking you into lengthy contracts, so we allow you to cancel at any time.
  • Unfortunately, though, we donʼt offer refunds (except to the extent of applicable law in the state of Victoria, Australia) for fees already paid for our services.
  • This means that if you opt to purchase in yearly increments (and why wouldnʼt you, you can save the cost of a .com domain in a year!), you wont get a cent back from us.
  • If you purchase in monthly increments, we just cancel your account on the spot, and youʼll receive no money back for the current calendar month.
  • But because weʼre keen on playing fairly, we wont suspend your account until it is actually due to expire, unless you explicitly ask us to.
  • This simply means, that if you cancel, your website is still going to appear until your account expiry date.
  • At the same time, Get Served reserves the right to cancel or suspend your account at any time, especially if you breach the terms of service which can be found here.

  • Thatʼs it, nice and easy.